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was founded by the managing director in December 1994 in Flieden. While in the early years the focus was on the daily service work on 2D and 3D laser cutting systems, it quickly became clear that the customer’s requirements for the laser systems and the associated service coverage could only be satisfied by further developments or fundamental new developments , The customer base consisted mainly of smaller and medium-sized companies, with the support of laser systems in larger companies being the exception.






We work in the field of repair and refurbished of the Rofin’s laser sources, including SM type and SLAB, and are ready to perform repair and reconstruction services wherever and whenever.
Lasers rebuilt by us are affordable and practical.

We also produce laser parts, including laser heads and beam bender.
If you are looking for an efficient device at a reasonable price, please contact us

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No matter which customer we serve, the best solution with the best price performance ratio always stands in the foreground. Reaction times, which are considered particularly important in service, could be reduced to a minimum due to the compact company structure, which is due to the short distances between technology and decision makers.

The mentioned further developments led to an economical and easy handling of the machines for the customer.

The replacement of “Roots blower against turbine” in the existing laser system, enabled the customer to stick to his usual system without having to forego the advantages of today’s technology and the associated savings potential.

It was followed by other cutting heads which the economy on the one hand, and improved the user friendliness to the other abruptly.

This change in cutting equipment increased productivity by up to 40% while reducing service costs at the same time.

Encouraged by this nationwide successes were soon constructive interventions

made into existing laser systems. On the one hand the proven technology with today’s more modern solutions became so

coupled that the user could continue to work in his usual environment without elaborate re-training. Some changes were only noticeable in higher process reliability and faster production.

Above all, however, the focus was always on the individual solution for the customer. Operational safety played a major role over speed. We have succeeded in this only because we always have personal contact with the customer

seek and care. According to our motto

“The quality in focus”

In every new customer inquiry, we see a new challenge that needs to be resolved without compromise.

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CO2 SLAB Lasers:


The secret for this decisive technology is the two water-cooled electrodes (slabs). High frequency between these electrodes leads to stimulation of the laser gas. The optical resonator of this CO2 laser is formed by the front and rear mirrors and the two electrodes. The heat generated in the gas is dissipated by the water-cooled electrodes (diffusion cooling). Thus, the conventional gas circulation systems involving roots blowers or turbines are not required.


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ROFIN established itself as an innovative leader in a variety of industrial laser markets. With its merger with Coherent, Inc. in November 2016, the world’s largest photonics company was created. Together, we have the most comprehensive technology and support portfolio as well as in-depth application knowledge to enable our customers in a diversified set of core markets


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